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Should I Have Dryer Vents Cleaned?

Clogged Dryer Vent

Let me ask you a question… Have you ever been sitting out on your patio when your dryer was running and all of a sudden it looked like it was snowing? You look up, and you see lint coming out of the dryer vent in little pieces, getting all over the place. This is more than an annoyance; it is a danger and a fire hazard.

So, the simple answer to that question is yes, but we are also going to tell you why.

Health Risks

Most of us never think of our dryer as a possible health risk, but not maintaining the dryer vent properly puts it into that category. Dryer maintenance starts with emptying out the lint screen between every load. Even then, however, I am sure there are times when you see the lint screen is loaded. Where do you think that lint goes that does not get caught in the screen?

What is the purpose of the dryer? To remove the moisture from the clothing. That moisture is transported via the warm air through the vents. If the vents/ducts are not properly maintained, moisture in the air can create mold and mildew. This can wreak havoc on someone with allergies, but a serious mold and mildew buildup is also a health hazard.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is also possible if the vents are not properly cleaned. Carbon monoxide can build up in the vents, eventually making everyone sick, even possibly killing people if the exposure is high.

Dryer Fires

One of the main causes of dryer fires is a buildup in the vents. If there is a buildup in the vents, it can easily catch fire and will spread rapidly. That lint is like kindling, and the entire ventilation system can go up in minutes. This is especially true for older dryers that use different heating elements than the more modern dryers.

Prolong the Life of Your Appliance

Appliances break down over time due to use. If your dryer vents are not cleaned out properly, chances are your clothes are not coming out dry after the cycle. This means you have to run them through again, sometimes three times before they are completely dry. Think about the additional use that puts on the dryer… literally two to three times the usage that it should be. Appliances, as you know, are not cheap, so you want to get as much use out of them as you possibly can. Spending a few minutes every month cleaning them out, then having a professional service do them once or twice a year will pay significant dividends in terms of prolonging the life of your appliance.