Sealed Systems Diagnostics & Repair Training

Includes R134a, R600, and Lokring (SAT/SUN)


For technicians who want to expand their skillset to include refrigeration repair, our weekend Sealed Systems Diagnostics and Repair training will provide students with an understanding of the principles of operation of a sealed system, as well as lab time developing troubleshooting and repair skills specific to the discipline. Students will also get R600 training and hands-on time learning how to properly employ Vulkan’s Lokring system.

R134a Systems (Saturday)

A two-day, comprehensive sealed systems school covering both R134a and R600 systems. The goal of our sealed systems repair training is to provide students with a more confident approach to diagnosing and performing sealed system repairs. Class time is from 8:00 AM until all topics are satisfactorily covered (4-5 PM). The class will cover the following:

  • Sealed system theory
  • Evacuating a system
  • Component access, testing, removal, and installation
  • Guided brazing practice
  • Real-world obstacles and issues to navigate
  • Flame direction and heat protection techniques
  • Weighing in charges
  • R134a vs R600a
  • Observing and discussing refrigerant pressures
  • Confirming the effectiveness of the repair

R600/Lokring (Sunday)

Day two of our sealed systems repair class features plenty of hands-on training with the Lokring system so techs can get comfortable with proper usage. Our instructor has developed the class curriculum based on training received at the Vulkan USA facility in Winter Haven, FL. Topics covered will include:

  • Principles and technology of R600
  • Safety & precautions when handling R600
  • Hands-on Evacuation & recharging of R600 system
  • Lokring Technology Training
  • Assembly & Training on proper Lokring Fitting Installation
  • Hands-on Lokring Tool usage in real work scenarios on our custom mockup

Service Mode Diagnostics


The purpose of this two-day class is to train technicians on how to properly utilize diagnostic capabilities on modern appliances to assist with troubleshooting and ensure accurate issue identification. Topics covered will include:

  • Troubleshooting components from the control board
  • Using diagnostic/service mode to isolate component failure and check for voltage/current flow
  • Using a multi-meter/ testing equipment properly and to its FULL potential
  • How to read schematics properly in order to test components
  • An introduction to GE’s “Smart HQ” diagnostics app
  • How to use diagnostic info to improve job selling

Students will receive classroom and hands-on training on a variety of appliance makes, models and types and will receive individualized instruction, allowing them to emerge from the training with a better understanding of diagnostics features and how they can help to improve selling and customer service skills and make for a more proficient technician.

Dyer Appliance Academy is one of a very limited number of options for R600 refrigerant training. At our R600 school, technicians will be trained on the differences between R134a and R600 systems and will learn how to properly and safely diagnose and repair those units utilizing Vulkan’s Lokring system. Requests for service on R600 systems is on the rise as these units age. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be one of the few service providers able to answer these requests. Our R600 refrigerant training will prepare you do so.