Training a new technician can be a burden.

There are many challenges involved in attempting to train on-the-job. The lack of structure and consistency can make teaching difficult for the trainer and frustrating for the trainee. Technicians tasked with training new hires are being given a responsibility that is potentially distracting and can slow down productivity.

We understand that a degree of trust is required to make an investment in having someone train your technician.

We are supremely confident in our ability to provide a new technician with a solid foundation of skills in appliance repair that can be built upon to foster a productive employee.

Our reputation has earned the trust of major appliance manufacturers such as Samsung and Fisher & Paykel as well as numerous service companies to provide training to their new technicians. Let us be the service you trust to train your new technicians as well.

  • At $15/hour, on-the-job training for a new technician could end up costing over $10,000 in wages and take over 6 months before completion.
  • A new technician who is riding with an experienced technician is an expense as he/she is not earning for the business.
  • On-the-job training provides for a sub-optimal learning environment. The lack of structure along with the added pressure of trying to learn on a paying customer’s machine can lead to frustration and disengagement.
  • Tasking a senior technician with training is a distraction that reduces productivity.
  • We can reduce the time and cost to train a new technician significantly
  • A dedicated learning environment increases engagement and retention and provides students with a way to learn without the fear of making a mistake that will cost the service provider.
  • In two-weeks, we can accomplish what would take 4-5 months with on-the-job training.
  • Our small class sizes allow for more one on one assistance.
  • Our lab includes a full range of appliance makes and models.

When you register your technicians for a session with Dyer Appliance Repair Academy your registration includes:

80 hours of training in our Two-Week Appliance Repair Fundamentals Course or 16 hours in our weekend course.

Training on important appliance repair theory (basic electricty, gas & refrigeration)

Training on the principles of operation, major components, basic functions and cycles of all major home appliances.

Hands-on practice developing skills in our lab environment

Handout with training reference material

Certificate of completion of training

Invest in your future and move to the forefront of the appliance repair industry with Dyer Appliance Repair Academy.