There are many options available for people wanting to learn a skill that will translate into a career. Colleges and universities, technical schools, and apprenticeships are examples. In most cases, these options will require a significant amount of time and money invested before achieving a level of training that will lead to employment. At Dyer Appliance Academy, in two-weeks, you can earn the skills that will provide you with opportunities to start a rewarding career in appliance repair.

There is an urgent need for technicians

The appliance repair industry is experiencing a shortage of technicians. Many service providers do not have enough technicians on staff to handle the volume of requests for service. Because of this, there is incredible opportunity for those willing to seize it.

Dyer Academy has been training people new to appliance repair since 2013. In that time, we have helped hundreds of students to learn the skills to begin a rewarding career in appliance repair.

Our only priority is to ensure that every student receives the proper instruction necessary to leave our program with a solid foundation in basic appliance repair skills and theory that will enable them to have the confidence and ability to begin a new career.

  • Small class size with one on one assistance
  • Hands-on training for a hands-on industry
  • On-site lab with a full range of appliance models
  • Develop skills and confidence in a dedicated learning environment
  • Expand your skillset with our weekend classes
  • Minimal time/money investment compared to other trades
  • Connect with other technicians and service providers
  • Acquire a completion of training certificate that many service providers will accept in lieu of experience

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When you register for a session with Dyer Appliance Repair Academy your registration includes:

Our Two-Week Appliance Repair Course

Hands-on and classroom training on important appliance repair theory (basic electricty, gas & refrigeration), principles of operation, major components, basic functions and cycles of all major home appliances.

Optional ride along day

Invest in your future and move to the forefront of the appliance repair industry with Dyer Appliance Repair Academy.

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