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REPORT: Surge in Samsung Refrigerator Complaints Result in Probe

Samsung’s refrigerator market is under attack, literally. Three out of four complaints filed regarding refrigerators since 2020 have been against Samsung. Since that time, a whopping 471 complaints have been filed as of the close of July 2022. Now, reports are surfacing that the company is under investigation.

Most Popular to Most Hated

Samsung is one of the most popular appliance suppliers in the United States. This is right across the board. However, the refrigerator sector is causing a few problems as of late. Hundreds of complaints have been filed for problems with their refrigerators up and down the entire line of models. The problems include:

  • Broken ice makers
  • Fire hazards
  • Food spoilage
  • Over-freezing
  • Water leaks

Even though there are mass complaints, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has not yet seen fit to call for a product recall. Nor had Samsung reportedly received a warning on these products.

I decided to dig into this and started checking different supply websites, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. Mimicking this report, I found that the overwhelming number of reviews were positive…

However, there was a rash of recent negative reviews for this particular model, the Samsung Model #RF28T5001SR. Honestly, it was probably about 60/40 for positive and negative reviews, not exactly the split you want to see for a high-end refrigerator like this. Some complaints were trivial, but others mimicked the concerns listed in this report…

Samsung firmly stands behind its product, with a spokesperson stating, “Millions of consumers across the US enjoy and rely on their Samsung refrigerators each day. We stand behind the quality, innovation, and performance of our appliances, as well as our industry-recognized customer support.”

I did a deep dive on several other Samsung refrigerators ranging in price from $999 to $2,599 and found similar results. On average they were all well over four stars with reviews, but there were enough recent complaints to get your ears up just a bit.

I would just express a word of warning that if you are in the market for a new refrigerator and are fond of Samsung products, do your own deep-dive research before plopping down that credit card. I would also go through the reviews one by one because, as I said, even though there are some negative reviews piling up, some of them are complete nonsense with nothing related to the actual product.

Report Source: Business-Standard.com

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