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How to Remove Birds in a Dryer Vent

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Dryer Vent

If a dryer vent is not sealed properly, there is a very good chance that it will become home to one of our feathered friends. It does not take much for birds to find a way into the vent and set up shop. One of the first telltale signs that birds have set up in your dryer vent. Even if you do not visibly see grass and debris sticking out but hear and see a lot of birds in that area, there is a very good chance that your dryer vent has been infested with birds.

Ideally, you can remove these birds without harming them, or your dryer vent, and you can get back to doing laundry and the birds can take up residence in a nearby tree.

Removing Birds Safely from Dryer Vent

Tools Needed:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Tongs
  • Leaf blower
  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver


  1. Remove dryer vent from outside wall
  2. Use flashlight to look inside to see if you can spot nest
  3. If you do spot a nest, check to ensure there are no eggs or babies inside the vent (see note at bottom if you do find eggs or baby birds)
  4. If you do not see eggs or baby birds, remove the nest and place it in a nearby tree
  5. Vacuum out remaining debris
  6. Reattach vent and go inside to continue maintenance
  7. Remove dryer vent from behind dryer and inspect vent from the inside
  8. Also inspect inside hose in the same manner
  9. If there is a nest or debris with no eggs or babies, remove as noted above (if you see either babies or a nest, see note at bottom)
  10. Once you have cleaned out as much as possible by hand, use the leaf blower to blow remaining debris through the outside vent
  11. Reattach hose and you are ready to use your dryer again

Special Note: If you do see a nest with babies or eggs, the humane thing to do is to leave the nest alone until the babies are hatched and about two to three weeks old. Removing a nest with birds in many states is illegal, so please check local laws for guidelines. You can also check with a local exterminating service.

If you must use your dryer immediately, you can call a local rescue service to come out and remove the nest for you.

Also note, if you remove the nest and place it in a nearby tree, it is still unlikely the birds will use it once it has been touched by a human, so do not be disappointed if your work was for naught.