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Common But Costly Refrigerator Repairs – The Three Cs

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Common Refrigerator Repairs

You may not realize it, but your refrigerator, by far, is the most used appliance in the home. You may have your BBQ rolling for five 12 straight hours on a Sunday for football. You may have your oven running an hour or two a day cooking meals. If you are like me, your coffee pot is churning it out about four or five times a day. That is all well and good, but your refrigerator is running 24/7/365.

That being said, there will be issues regardless of how well you take care of your appliances. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend a few hundred on a refrigerator repair. There are, however, more expensive fixes that will have you checking the Sunday papers for a new refrigerator.

The Three Deadly Cs

If your repairman comes and checks the fridge and tells you anything that begins with a C has gone wrong, you should probably get ready to either open up that checkbook or buy a new refrigerator based on the age and original price of the one you own.

Compressor – this is one of the more common issues for a fridge because it is one of the most active pieces of equipment. The compressor moves the refrigerant throughout the refrigerator to keep everything cold. When you start to hear your compressor go from that quiet “whir” to loud noises, it is time to call someone to check it. If they can catch the problem early enough, the fix will likely cost you about $300, maybe a bit more depending on the fridge. The more pronounced the problem, the more costly, which means it is more likely you may be better off just buying a new fridge.

Control Board – when we start to talk about electronics, we start to take about a lot of money. Your control board is basically the foreman of the fridge. It regulates all electrical components and when it goes, the refrigerator stops working. Depending upon the model of the fridge, you are talking about a $200 repair to upward of $700.

Coils – now, this will more than likely be the least costly issue to fix… most of the time. If the coils merely need to be cleaned, you are only talking about the time of the technician, so figure $50-$75, or whatever the minimum billing is for a visit (keep in mind, this is something you should be checking on a regular basis). If the coils have to be replaced, expect to spend somewhere between $300 and $500 for the repair.

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