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Common Washing Machine Problems – Part 2

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Common Washing Machine Problems Part 2

This is a continuation of our first part on common washing machine problems. To read Part 1, click here.

Loud Washer

As we noted in Part 1, the loud noise can sometimes be the fact that the washer is just off balance. If that is not the case there are several other issues that could be causing the washer to make so much noise. The belt could be loose. This is usually located behind a panel or underneath the washer. Check your operator’s manual for the exact location. Check to see if the belt is still tight and in good condition. If not, you can replace it.

It could also be the bearings need to be lubricated. You can check with a local hardware store, as the lubricant is usually fairly easy to purchase. After addressing these two issues, run a test cycle to see if the noise has disappeared. If not, you will more than likely have to call an appliance repair technician.

Washer Not Filling

Washers run on timing devices unless it has a fill sensor (higher-end machines will have this). Point being, if the water is not filling up properly in the allotted time, the pressure is probably off for one reason or another. This could be a kinked line or a supply valve that is not all the way open. If the valves are all the way open, disconnect power and turn the valves off, then disconnect the supply hoses to check for blockages. This could also be a clogged filter on the water supply inlet.

Washer Not Draining

The first place to look is a kinked or clogged drain hose. Check to make sure it is straight first. If it is, you will need to detach the drainage hose to check for blockages. The filter could also be clogged with debris, preventing the washer from completely draining. If these are not the issue, you will need to call the technician.

Washer Door Not Opening

The door automatically locks when the machine is running on a cycle. If the water has not drained, this could be the reason the door is not opening. Do the troubleshooting mentioned above if there is still water in the tank. If not, the locking mechanism is probably broken, which would be a job for a repairman.

In most cases, some basic handyman skills will enable you to fix the problem, but with the cost of washers and dryers these days, do not hesitate to call the repairment if you are unsure of the problem or worried about your skill set in being able to fix the issue and not do more damage.