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WK of Nov. 21, 2022: Current Career Opportunities for Appliance Repair Technicians in Texas

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Help Wanted - Appliance Repair Technician Jobs

It is another great week of job postings in the appliance technician repair field, and some of these postings are pretty posh positions. Some may be outside the realm of the normal appliance repair technician, but we are going to put them up here for those of you that have additional skills to your ability to repair standard appliances.

Enclave at Grapevine
Maintenance Assistant
Integrated Real Estate Group
Grapevine, TX

You may have to have some additional skills for this position, but these property jobs tend to be more small fixes of appliances than anything else, so they may be willing to train in areas where you do not have the necessary skills. While I could not call this property a luxury property, it is still very nice and located in a great area. There is the added benefit that this particular real estate group has properties, some very high-end, throughout the area, so there is plenty of room to grow. The position is paying $22/hour and it is a full-time position.

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D3S Services
Home Appliance Technician
Denton, TX

The company requires two years’ experience for the position, but it is priority hiring and they have multiple positions available. The company is offering between $15 to $72 per hour based on experience. While this particular listing is new, I have noticed they have had posts up for quite some time, so this is a company that is desperate for help, so there may be some wiggle room on their experience requirement as long as you can prove you are capable.

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Appliance and Refrigerator Repair Technician
Irving, TX

This company has five locations and is looking for a full-time employee. They do not have any experience requirements posted in the listing, so this could be an ideal position for someone coming right out of the academy. The position is paying $37,300 to $47,300 per year.

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Olivian at the Realm
Service Technician
Equity Residential
Lewisville, TX 75067

This is a fairly new property in what would probably be described as luxury apartments. Again, these residential gigs are fairly easy work, although you will be kept busy all day doing minor repairs around the complex as well as some general maintenance tasks. This position is offering $37,500 to $47,500 per year. The posting has been up for more than a month, so those with less experience will probably get serious consideration as long as they are capable.

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