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Why Are Retro Appliances So Popular?

By March 10, 2023March 13th, 2023No Comments
Retro Appliances

There is a big trend in the appliance world in terms of retro appliances making a big comeback. The banana yellow fridge and avocado green stove are back. And it is not only the crazy colors and styles but actual refurbished appliances from decades ago that are popping up in remodeled kitchens all across the country. I was just browsing through several home design articles and saw this as a trending topic, so I figured I would comment on it, especially because these older appliances are going to need some TLC from an appliance repair technician.

Why Go Retro?

In most cases, it is more about aesthetics than anything else. Now, I am a stainless steel guy because I like the modern look and tend to use whites, greys, and blacks in my home décor. I prefer a splash of red to break it up rather than a big red refrigerator, but I can see the appeal to those that prefer to step away from the norm.

People like to be reminded of fonder times, so maybe someone in the home had a purple coil stovetop growing up and they want that memory when they step into the kitchen. There is another influencing factor on this front as well… the entertainment industry. With all the reboots on TV shows and movies, people see something that catches their eye and they want to emulate it in their homes.

Designer Kristiana Laugen stated, “We’re seeing a ton of film and TV reboots being made, fashion trends from the 90s making a comeback, and the same is happening with appliances. People are gravitating towards retro style appliances like refrigerators, coffee makers, ovens, and more, that give them a connection to the past.”

She also stated that odd-colored appliances can instantly become a conversation piece in an otherwise boring kitchen. “Without having to remodel your entire kitchen, simply adding an eclectic retro appliance can completely shift the focal point of the room. By incorporating contrast with a vibrant color or unique style, the retro appliance captures the attention of guests.”

Do not underestimate the “fun” factor as well, as people want their favorite rooms in the home to reflect their own character. So someone that is a bit cooky and loves to entertain, well, we can understand why they may have a yellow refrigerator and an orange stove.

There are three things I would say to consider if you are considering this.

First, keep in mind that if you are using older appliances that have been overhauled, they are going to need some TLC far sooner than would otherwise be needed. Second, in terms of energy-efficiency, these older appliances are going to be pigs. Third, if you are not in your forever home, you have to consider what the resale value will be once you are ready to move the property. You could find yourself looking for that needle-in-the-haystack personality that is just as quirky as yours!