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Preventive Care Maintenance Tips for Home Appliances

By November 30, 2022December 2nd, 2022No Comments
Kitchen Appliances

We do not expect homeowners to have the experience of our appliance repair technicians (although we would love for you to come to take our class), but there are some basic things that can be done to help prolong the life of your appliances. These are usually easy fixes and just some proactive PM that will keep your appliances in good shape, avoiding that phone call to the appliance repairman.


  • Clean the dishwasher at least once every six months. They sell pods for this now, so this is a pretty easy fix.
  • Replace dishwasher racks as needed. The tines on the racks can get rusted if the coating wears off and stain your dishes.
  • Consider having a professional repairman give the dishwasher a once-over once a year just to check it to see if there are any issues that could arise.


  • Clean the lint out of the filter on EVERY load.
  • Schedule a professional dryer vent cleaning at least once a year, ideally twice.

Garbage Disposal

  • Use cold water when running the disposal and always let it run for 30 seconds after grinding to ensure all debris has been washed down the drain.
  • Do NOT try to fix the garbage disposal on your own. It can be very dangerous and lead to serious injury.


  • Replace or clean filters per the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Clean the vent fan blades several times a year to avoid greasy buildup.


  • Unplug between uses to save energy. That phantom energy can add up very quickly.
  • Never run the microwave unless there is something inside. This can start a fire and/or damage the appliance.


  • After running the self-cleaning mode, which you should be doing about twice a year if you use the oven regularly, allow six hours before opening the oven, then unplug it and wipe it down inside with a diluted white vinegar solution.
  • For stovetops with coil burners, check for red spots on the coils. If you see them, do not use that burner until you replace the burner.


  • Change the water filter every three to six months per the manufacturer’s recommendation (this will also generally depend on how much you use the filtered water and ice maker.
  • Keep coils clean from dust and debris. You can do this rather easily by pulling out the fridge, unplugging it, and vacuuming the coils.
  • Keep the inside of the fridge clean to avoid buildup.
  • If you start to experience low water pressure, check the water lines to see if they are frozen. This is an easy fix that you can do on your own, but if you are weary of messing up the warranty, call a repair technician.


  • Ensure the machine is always level to avoid violent shaking of the machine during spin cycles.
  • Clean out the trap of the washer to ensure the loads are getting a good, clean wash (check your owner’s manual for its location).
  • Run a cleaning cycle once a month to ensure the inside of the barrel does not get any buildup. Some washers today have a cleaning cycle programmed, but there are also pods available to add to the washer, where you would just run a full cycle with no clothes.

That is about it! Now take care of those appliances so you can prolong their life, save money, and save energy!