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Home Appliance Hacks to Keep Your Appliances Running Smooth

By March 3, 2023March 6th, 2023No Comments
appliance hacks

Yes, we train men and women to be appliance repair technicians, but that does not mean that we want you going around kicking your appliances just so our technicians can get some work. We are here to help even the average homeowner care better for their appliances.

To that point, we put together some basic hacks you can use to keep your appliances running smoothly as well as extending their overall life.


  • Yes, we know the purpose of the dishwasher is to clean things, but you still need to clean IT. You are going to watch to check all the door gaskets for mold and mildew buildup. Clean out the screen. And you should also run a cleaning cycle every six months, at least (I do mine every month). You can use a white vinegar solution or buy specialized cleaning pads to do the job for you.
  • Check the dish rack to make sure the coating is still on them. If you start to see rusty tines sticking through, cap them or replace the rack.


  • Clean the lint filter after every use, no exceptions
  • Schedule dryer vent cleaning every three to six months

Garbage Disposal

  • Use cold water when grinding food and allow water to run for 30 seconds
  • Avoid putting things down the garbage disposal that can cause other things to cling, such as fiber-rich foods, like celery and banana peels, as well as items like coffee grinds and egg shells


  • Never run the microwave with nothing in it
  • Since the microwave usually has a clock, if the plug is readily accessible, unplug it when not in use to save money on electricity. Those phantom draws add up rather quickly.


  • Do not use it right after you run the self-clean mode. Unplug the appliance and allow it to sit for six hours, then wipe it down before use.
  • If you have coil burners, check them regularly for small red spots, which could create a short. Replace them when you see this.
  • If you have an electric top, use only approved products to clean or you could ruin the surface.


  • Change the water filter for the water and ice dispenser every six months
  • Vacuum coils a couple of times a year to ensure no dust buildup
  • Check door gaskets for wear and tear as well as mold and mildew
  • Keep the water area clean and free of buildup or you will get some nasty-tasting water and ice (we have plenty of tips on keeping that area clean)

Vent Hood

  • Clean grease (or replace) on a regular basis (do not wait until grease is dripping out of them)
  • Once a quarter, remove the vent hood fan blades for a good cleaning

Washing Machine

  • This is an obvious one, but make sure the machine is level
  • Clean the lint trap inside the washer to ensure the water is flowing properly (locate this via your user’s manual)

That is all we have for today, but be sure to check back regularly for tips, troubleshooting guides, and even a few reviews from time to time!