Appliance Repair and Maintenance Tips from the Pros

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Appliance Repair Technician Tips

In this business, so many of the problems that are seen by appliance repair technicians were 100 preventable. Others were easy fixes that probably could have been done on their own with some basic knowledge, saving the homeowner a few bucks. Recently, professional appliance repair technicians were asked for suggestions for what they would recommend homeowners do to avoid having their appliances break down.

Their answers are below.

Keep Them Clean – this was arguably the most popular answer given by the technicians. When was the last time you cleaned your dishwasher or washing machine? I would wager these appliances are rarely, if ever, cleaned by homeowners simply because these machines are associated with cleaning. Even so, mold, mildew, and buildup can occur. Make it a habit of putting all of your appliances on the cleaning schedule, with the obvious, such as a toaster oven or electric cooktop, being cleaned after they are used.

Don’t Ignore the Telltale Signs – your food is not staying as cold as it usually does inside the fridge. It is taking two cycles to dry clothing instead of one. There is a small leak when you run the dishwasher. If something is out of the ordinary with the operation of an appliance, it is a sign that something is not right and the appliance’s “health” needs to be addressed. Don’t ignore it thinking it will eventually go away or you will find yourself at the appliance store buying a new one.

Change the Filter in the Fridge – let’s be honest… most people do not even realize they have a filter that needs to be changed in their fridge. I cannot even tell you how many times, when I bring this up, I get the head tilt and look of pure bafflement when I ask someone if they have changed the filter. When I show them where it is and how easy it is to change out, I can see the explosion taking place over their head. If you do not change out this filter, contaminants get into the water, not only impacting the flavor of  your ice and water but also creating a buildup in the system, which could eventually lead to the appliance breaking down.

Get a Multimeter – when we have done our tips, I can think of at least a half dozen times we recommended checking the appliance with a multimeter. It is key to checking on electrical issues and you can get a decent one on Amazon for under $20 and a top-notch one for about $40. Trust me, it will be a great investment when it comes to caring for and troubleshooting appliances.

Since we are an appliance repair academy, I am going to make one more suggestion. A recent survey by PartSelect.com revealed that almost half of all homeowners cited a lack of electrical understanding as the reason they cannot repair even basis issues with their appliances, often resulting in expensive service calls for something that takes only a few minutes to address. For the cost of a few repairs, you can take an appliance repair course and be able to fix everything in the house on your own.

And you never know, it just may lead to a new passion that can make you some money by either opening your own business or simply doing side work for neighbors and friends.