Appliance Maintenance Technician – Willing to Train

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Appliance Maintenance Technician
Full Time Position
Weekly Commissions and Bonuses Available
Pay $12 -$15 Hour + Mileage
Job Details:
Are you looking for a thriving career in an essential industry? Would you like to receive training that will help you increase your value in the marketplace? Is being of service to your community important to you? Are you mechanically minded? Do your friends and family ask you how to fix their broken stuff? We might have a position for you!


Appliance maintenance is the core of our business. Can you see yourself going to people’s homes throughout the metroplex? Can you see yourself helping clients protect their appliances from the unknown issues that lie in wait for them? This is not appliance repair, meaning providing a diagnosis and repairing home appliances, though it is one step closer to having that skill. It is maintenance. It is opening up and making things new again. Allowing appliances to work as they are intended gives them longer life, less issues and it saves our clients considerable money.

It takes about 2 hours in homes to maintain all of their kitchen and laundry room appliances. You will get on the job training at no cost to you (It normally would cost $750). In addition to that during your training you will be paid $10 an hour. Once you are complete with your training you will be given the ability not only through an hourly wage to increase your income but through commissions, bonuses and mileage.

You must have your own:

Good working vehicle with room for tools and parts for when you are working as a service technician.
Smart phone that you are proficient in how to operate.
Your own standard tools. There are some specialty tools that you will be responsible for acquiring.
Character Traits That Are Critical:
Great Communicator – Sees the value or communicating with your team at all times.
Dependable – You are a person who comes to work with the intent of getting things accomplished.
Tenacious – You are not willing to give up until the work is complete.
Leader – Able to lead yourself and others as you grow personally.
Being of Service – Value other people and their lives.
Focused – Able to accomplish things within a given timeframe.
Growth Minded – Looking for a team that you can join and create more together.
Coachable – Able to take coaching to help you accomplish more in your life.
Emotionally Mature – Able to be real and not make others wrong but help everyone become better together.
A+ Certified Appliance is a 12-Year-Old Appliance Service, Maintenance and Repair Business in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We are a 5-star rated business that is multi generational. In the early 60’s one of our owner’s’ father started his appliance service and repair business out of his garage. He taught himself by reading the technical manuals on how to fix and service appliances. Our team was mentored by him after he repaired appliances for over 50 years. His wisdom helped us expand our knowledge which allowed us to create our proprietary system that gives our clients and team a new experience that is not found anywhere else. We are a business that is here to support all our employees and their families to have the experience of team and family.

***Please send your resume to or call 972-890-5014, ask for Robin